$600 UPFRONT + .0075 @ CLOSING

The Shared Route, or what we affectionately refer to as “the new school” method…allows us to better serve savvy sellers. While more beneficial to sellers, this method still allows us to hold your hand throughout the entire sales process. However, because we share the risk, we can reduce the commissions expense associated with selling your property tremendously. Going this route, provides for a minimal listing commission of .0075 of the sales price at closing, after an upfront marketing expense of $600.00. Thus, enabling you to save tons of money, which would ordinarily be wasted going the Traditional Route.

NOTE: The Shared Route allows sellers to save at least 2% with the sale of their home…even more when the deal is completed without a **buyer’s agent!

* If your home does not sell, after adequate listing/marketing…we will locate investors to purchase your property at 60-70% of your home’s immediate market value!

** Selling your home to an unrepresented buyer (via your own network), would carve out the buyer agent’s commission, saving savvy sellers a whopping 5%!

Seller's Shared Savings

House Sales PriceTraditional Commission
Vs.RP Commission
w/Buyer Agent's 3%
($600 + .0075 + 3%)
RP Commission
w/o Buyer Agent's 3%
($600 + .0075)